The first week…

… seemed to last almost forever. Guess that’s because of the long days doing all sorts of things and running around like an (almost) headless chicken. Probably I did not feel much different about this back in the US two years ago. Then again, things were less stressful, mostly since I got a lot of help from colleagues.

But things aren’t bad at all, and if I sounded very very depressed a few days ago, than it was more because of my anxieties about my lacking language skills. Otherwise, there isn’t much reason to be down, actually everything is in pretty good order! On Friday, I applied for an apartment, and I should be getting the rental contract next week. The move-in date is next weekend! I will be sending all relevant contact information soon…

What else? I didn’t have much time to explore Lausanne, but what I have seen is very pretty! Downtown is built on a very steep hill, so the path from the central station to the shopping arcade has a slope of about 10-12%… So one can shop and work out in the same time!

Yesterday I was at the movies, watched “Interview” in one of the smaller multiplexes in the city. Prices are rather painful (SFR 17), and concessions are not cheap either. A döner is about 8 bucks, that hurts a bit! Then again, this is still ok, I have heard that Lausanne is allegedly one of the cheapest places in Switzerland… Well, maybe as long as one earns a Swiss salary…

It is strange, I do miss my place in the US a bit. It is not a terrible longing, but I had grown very fond of my own four walls there. Besides, it is always a very comforting feeling if you know your way around a place. Obviously, I don’t know anything about this place yet, and it certainly will take some time to develop a sense of familiarity, as it did with Newark. What I can say with certainty is that this is a place which has a real chance on growing on me.

Whatever. Let’s wait and see how the first few months pass by. In the meantime I will try and keep you updated about the small and big developments around here. Oh, I should mention that general elections will be held next month, who knows, maybe there will be lot of fear and loathing?

Hmmmm, I think this was most likely one of the most incoherent posts I have ever written. I must asmit that my brain is in Sunday mode, there isn’t much activity between my temples… Therefore, I will stop now and go read my book!

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  1. Albert Schweizer’s avatar

    Ist “Interview” der Steve Buscemi Film?
    Hatte grad ein paar Minuten Zeit um mit Deinem Blog wieder auf einen Nenner zu kommen. Habe mich über Deine Einträge sehr gefreut, seien Sie auch noch so incoherent gewesen… was immer das heissen mag :)

    Ich bin sicher, Du wirst Dich dort schnell einleben und mit Deinem liebenswerten Wesen bald viele neue Freunde gewinnen… genug geschleimtschwafelt!
    Ich schreib Dir die Tage eine Tonne Mails, bis dahin freue ich mich über jeden Eintrag, den Du hier vornimmst und hoffe auf eine Menge Bilder

    Alles alles gute


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