Freezing in Eden

Yeah, Easter was fun this year: Cold wind, storms bringing snow and hail: Europe had a glorious time on its four day weekend! While places in Switzerland were completely snowed-in, in some cases even bringing the traffic to a halt, I was in south east England. Snow and hail we did not get, but boy, the wind was not only storm strength, it was bitter cold!

Which is pity, since the tip of the British isle called Cornwall is very pretty! But due to the weather we mostly stayed indoors or in the car… Which turned out to be not too bad since we visited the Eden project. Situated in an old clay mine, the Eden project transformed the once barren and wated land into a botanical garden. Under two Domes, called Biomes, tropical and mediterranean climates are emulated. The exhibitions center not only around plants and their origin, but also about the ecological, economical, and politcal impacts of mankinds exploitation of nature.

The Biomes are complemented with an outdoor display which we decided to skip in favor of the warm and cosy domes! The educational display were interesting yet sometimes not detailed enough for an educated audience. In general, most information displayed doesn’t come as eye opening if one is just generally interested in fair trade, organic farming, and so on.

Beyond the educational mission, the project is also trying to lead by example. Eden is trying to become waste neutral, invests in the local communities, minimize its own impact on the environment, and lots of things more. Their webpage contains a lot of information so if you got curious go check them out!