The big sleep…

Wow, it has been over TWO months since I have posted anything… Gues the well has pretty much dried up, huh? Well, while I am shrouded in silence, why don’t you check out the links on the left?

In the meantime I have entered into my regular summer state: Lots of sleep and hiding from the sun… The Eurocup did delay the summ-ernation this year, but it could not prevent it.

Apropos Eurocup: That was a rather enjoyable championship, wasn’t it? Sure, none of the teams I supported made the win, but there was something just about Spain taking the cup home. Sure, the whole concept of a deserved win has no meaning in football, but in the rare cases the winner does coincide with one of the tournaments best teams, a certain satisfaction arises in me…

What’s next? A looong summer is waiting ahead, where I will be mostly busy working. The Montreux Jazz Festival is up this week, and there will be plenty of other festivals in the next few months, so I might actually write something, who knows?


  1. Minna’s avatar

    Yo, Levent, babe – summer’s over – WAKE UP!!!! LOL! Come out, come out, wherever you are!
    Seriously, i got the addy from Reilika and thought I’d be able to catch up with your crazy life, but, alas – summer-nation. Really?

    Lots of hugs from a Desperate Housewife in Italy!

  2. demirole’s avatar

    Minna… I am back! :-)

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