The last year of the O’s

Or how do you actually call the years from 00 to 09? Nineties, Eighties, those are all simple and easy ways to refer to a decade, but what shall we call the first ten years of the 21st century?

So, anyway, here we are, another year has passed. Was an interesting year, but personally I prefer the odd years. Somehow the are more fun as the even ones… Intersting, huh? Think about it…

The last few weeks of ’08 were filled with a somwhat crazy travel schedule. It included a five day trip to India (turned out to be six since I was made to miss a flight), a bit of England here and there and good ol’ Hamburg.

India was a very interesting and intriguing experience. I was there for a workshop, so it was a business trip, but I had a very good time down there. I even made in into the news , can you guess where they refer to me? Now I feel like I have reached the peak of my career and I should retire before my star starts fading again…

So much or this brief hello, I will be back soon to write a bit more about my India visit.


  1. anne’s avatar

    Levent, could not find you in the article. Eminent Scientist ?
    Love to hear more about your trip. Anne

  2. demirole’s avatar

    Ups, got the wrong link. Fixed it, please try again

  3. anne’s avatar

    Well, semi or demi, like in demi-baguette and semi-circle, they could have mangled your name worse. Happy New Year, Anne

  4. Jens’s avatar

    Dr. Semiroers I pressume!

    Hoffe Du hast Dich wieder eingelebt nach der Weltenbummlerei.

    Was stimmt denn nicht mit den geraden Jahren?
    Das macht mich wirklich nachdenklich!

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