Paris: ‘S Wonderful

La Tour Eiffel, originally uploaded by zutalegh.

Ah, Paris! How did I manage to resist your charm for so long? Dispraise you by visiting all these other cities, all these other places? Can you ever forgive me?

Within the context of living up to our self declared status of being the very center of Europe, we took another 3 hour and something train journey to… Paris. Lovely Paris. With that charming bouquet in your Metro at summer time! Where dog poo might obscure your gentle cobble stones! Where a waiter might hit you because you ordered your meat medium instead of rare!

Four days long we walked the little streets and crossed large squares. We climbed up the Eiffel Tower (well, only the first bit) and the Dome at Sacre Coeur. We crossed the Tuileries and the Jardin des Plantes. We had café in tiny little, well, cafés. And we made the big mistake of trying to see the Palace at Versailles with about a million other tourists. But that was all forgotten once we arrived back in… Paris!