Fear ‘n Loathing 2.0

So, everybody is talking about the web 2.0: the social network. Sharing the mean and the sublime, the ordinary and the unconventional, the public and the private. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

So, how come that thise blog still looks like the monasteries copy shop? Dusty and dull and without any multimedia? Sure enough, there is no single answer to this negligence. Certainly, the responsible person for this sorry collection of dribble does have the tendency to look into the past then the future. He probably wouldn’t mind if the whole blog thing would be based on paper and pencil!

But enough of that! After all, we are living now in the age where everything is possible. “Yes, we can!” shall be the quote that will guide this blog henceforth!

And we begin our FnL 2.0 with a clip from my favorite news caster and political analyst, Mr. Jon Stewart

This was probably the best post national congress, pre election show he did, and one could tell that this whole “real” vs “fake” Amercia really reaaly pissed him off. Watch all the clips from that episode, it is magnificient!

Ok, ok, the whole “embedding the video” thing did not work, since wordpress doesn’t allow embedding video content from all sites. Pity, comedy central is not on the list, therefore I can only post a link to that video… But I will keep at it and there will be posts with real web 2.0 style embedded video! Promise!